Lemon Poppies

Can you have your cake and eat it too?

Officer Sliner

Sline "Officer Sliner"
Older brother of Kai
Full name and relationships to be unlocked with story progression
His real last name, like his brother is Sline, however Sline sounds gross and does not have the same nickname quality as Sliner. In his early years on the police force his cowrokers renamed him and he ended up switching his name badge to fit. Nobody really calls him by his first name anymore, besides Kai and occassionaly Alabaster and when it does happen it is usually ment to be dissrespectful. Even when he introduces himself he tends to stick to Officer Sliner formally or Sliner informally.

Taller than his younger brother Kai, and older than him by a good ten years he doesn't take his police job all too seriously anymore. Now that he's at a point where he has dodged a few bullets he's just along for the ride. Sure, he used to be a model officer, but like all good things in life do, he faded. He spends most of his time off work at bars or watching TV. He never did settle down and marry, despite his family's protests now that he's in his 30's, maybe one day he'll change his mind. Speaking of family, Kai lives the closest to him and Sliner tends to make any excuse possible to stop by and bother him and also to bother the cat. He doesn't even have to do anything as his meer presence is enough to annoy his brother, probably because they never had a good relationship which Sliner is now regretting. In his eyes, Alabaster took over the annoying older brother role, leaving no real way for him to weasle back into the family dynamic.